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Alphington Townhouses

Alphington Townhouses

These four townhouses present an innovative approach to the design of medium density housing. Each townhouse has been designed with excellent connections to the outdoors, maximised access to north light, and natural ventilation. Internal spaces allow for flexibility and the varied lifestyles of inhabitants.

The impact of vehicular access and parking, which often dominates developments, has been minimised. This allows for increased landscaping on the street, additional backyard areas, and the creation of internal courtyards.

Each property features generous north facing backyards, living spaces and balconies. Central courtyards act to bring natural light right into the centre of each townhouse, greatly enhancing the quality of internal spaces, encouraging indoor/outdoor living, and allowing for cross-ventilation to every room.

Winner — 2017 NABD Building Design of the Year
Winner — 2017 NABD Multi-residential Design
Winner — 2017 BDAV Multi-residential Design
Commendation — 2017 BDAV Excellence in use of Lightweight Materials
Finalist — 2017 International Green Interior Awards
Finalist — 2016 Sustainability Awards, Multi-density Residential

green sheep collective townhouses bespoke timber staircase natural lighting ventilation open plan living pasive solar.jpg
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green sheep collective townhouses standing seam cladding recycled red brick raking fences timber cladding green design.jpg
green sheep collective townhouses timber cladding standing seam cladding recycled red brick sustainable architecture.jpg
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The collective:
Green Sheep Collective and Elyte Focus (architects)
Elyte Focus (builder)
ZS Consulting (structural engineer)
Filter ESD (energy rating and sustainability advice)
Emma Cross (photographer)