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Northside Boulders

Northside Boulders

Green Sheep Collective, with their passion for rock climbing, was excited by the opportunity to design the conversion of a portal frame building located in Brunswick, identified as the perfect structure to re-purpose into a bouldering gym (indoor rock climbing without ropes!).

Comprising multiple climbing walls, protective fall mats, stretch and weights areas, and 'top out' mezzanines, the design invites the climbing community and passers by to engage with bouldering, an activated forecourt, and a recreational rear courtyard.

In addition to the exciting climbing walls wrapping around structural elements and over internal rooms, the space will accommodate a range of functions - including areas for a café and reception, offices and retail, lockers, and bathroom and kitchen areas.

Weights, stretching and mezzanine spaces have been designed for flexibility, to easily accommodate alternative uses - such as seating during movies projected on a retractable screen, yoga classes to complement climbing, or space to pull up a beanbag and read one's favourite climbing mag.

Additionally, the front and rear courtyards and ample seating provide indoor and outdoor spaces for retreat, rejuvenation and socialising during winter and summer months. The abundance of bike parking promotes riding above driving, and the internal layout and large windows on the front facade invite passers-by to come in and play.

The free standing slack line, retractable projector screen viewed from mezzanine and stretching areas, campus board and rings, and beanbag seating combine with the climbing walls to bring a new, exciting and fun indoor sporting arena to Brunswick.


The Collective:
Green Sheep Collective (architect)
The Lactic Factory (bouldering experts)
Northside Boulders