Green Sheep Collective — Sustainable Architects Melbourne




Environmentally conscious, ethical, and community minded, Green Sheep Collective Pty. Ltd. is an architecture firm that brings sustainable design expertise, flexibility, and fun to the design and construction of your building.


Shae Parker McCashen has long been an architectural green sheep. Her upbringing instilled in her a respect for people and a passion for the environment. Shae’s earliest inspirations originated when sharing in the design and build of her childhood home, a mud-brick house in country Victoria. Living in this house taught her first hand the principles and benefits of passive solar design.

Shae has worked as an architect in Melbourne, Bendigo, Darwin, and the United Kingdom. She furthered her experience in green design while working with renowned sustainable firms, including Zen Architects, Lyons, and Troppo Architects. Shae has been involved in a number of projects that have won awards in recognition of their functional, sustainable design.

Shae graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2003 and has been registered as an architect since 2007. She has maintained a private practice since 2003, alongside salaried and freelance positions. In 2011, Shae decided to concentrate all her attentions on her role as Director of Green Sheep Collective.